Ahhh, it is winter in New Mexico! This is a photo of our backyard the morning of our first snow. I have been painting all Fall on my first kid’s book. It has been an amazing experience and a dream come true. The publisher is Henry Holt, and it is due out Spring 2008…uggg…a long time to wait, but i am excited! I hope to share some of my process of writing/illustrating this book here, as well as announce it’s arrival.

Several artist friends from Kansa City (who are all established children’s book author/illustrators) have been so inspiring to me over the years…i just want to thank them now. I respect and love their work and appreciate all the support/encouragement they’ve given me over the years: Maria Carluccio, Shane Evans, Laura Huliska-Beith, Laurie Keller & Jenny Whitehead.