“It was after 62 yrs that the Kathmandu valley welcomed snow…”

–an excerpt from an email i received last week (feb 07) from Surya, my friend and former student at Sunshine School in Bhaktapur, Nepal where he now teaches

“There weren’t any prejudgements–they say it was due to the western wind from Pakistan that embraced the wind from the Bay of Bengal. For the first time in my life and for the second time in the valley’s life, the god’s power was noticed.”

“While I was in a class with the kids trying to share my knowledge there was a beautiful disturbance, and the silence of the class was perturbed by what a kid saw out of the window in that very cold day with rain since the morning, to the surprise of so many there was a beautiful….. s..n..o..w…..fall. What more, the whole school ran out in the playground to satiate their snow hunger. It was for the first time i saw and felt the snow and it was so much to add to my hunger for nature. i liked the peculiar silence in that fall. it was even more charming to look up and feel snow in my face. I think that was the most beautiful face of nature that i have ever seen, perhaps it was because it had been a real new thing for me but yet that was fantastic. Ah, we just couldn’t beleive that, we thought it were hailstone but not seeing any remains of them on the ground we concluded it to be snow.”

“After half an hour of the fall, we tried to make a snowman out of the little snow i collected, it was so cold, using plastics in my hand and guided by Madam i made one and that was so much of fun. Hearing about snow was already so much i thought i would like to feel and feeling was just so perfect to my emotions. i don’t know how many years we’ll have to wait for such a miracle of nature again but i think this ‘ll make my next 62 years very lively.”

I thought this was such a rare and beautiful moment in my friends’ lives–and an inspiring one–so I thought I’d share it.

pictured above in Spring 2006, Nepal: Madhu Raj, Nikhil, Patrick and Surya