Hi everyone!

It feels like spring here in New Mexico! Only a few weeks left of the ski season (boohoo) but gardening season is around the corner (yipppeeee!). It’s almost time to build our chicken house and teach Oso the Wonder Dog that the chickens are not for him to eat, but to protect from other chicken-eating critters. AND, I’m getting a new painting studio–a dreamy sorta yurt in the mountains–with my artist friends Beth and Lauren. It is perfect timing. I’ve been desiring a sort of inspiration and energy exchange with artists, and they are both super cool. Plus, my home studio is cluttered with ilustration & book projects. I have a show coming up August 3rd at Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary in Jackson, WY, and this new space will allow for some paintings to come to life. Oh, this is going to be fun!

Also coming soon: a series of 4 butterfly paintings for oopsydaisy.com.

Below are some pages i altered from the altered book club.

“she fought not to keep it there, as in a dream.”

“only the dog knew”

“nothing could mend her broken heart. her dead sweetheart was never replaced.”

“she knew she had to go but for reasons she did not yet know”