Art Seva is preparing for its next journey to India in June/July, 2007! The group will be returning to two orphanages in the Sacred towns of Hardivar and Rishikesh situated on the holy Ganges River in Northern India. If you aren’t familiar with Art Seva, please see this previous posting.

Art Seva invites Youth Volunteers and others seeking ‘Creative International Service.’ If you would like to volunteer, please email Christine Tiernan at or call 505.986.2006. We are also in need of art supplies for this trip and would appreciate any donations to help our efforts. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment and I’ll post a prompt response.

I appreciate all the support with this program. Children are the most fun to make art with, and I know firsthand how much these programs affect these children, who rarely have the chance to make art, if ever. They are SO appreciative, so happy. I feel very connected to the children and people of India, who have shared so much with me during my own travels, and like others involved with Art Seva, I am happy to give something back to them.