I finally finished this series of paintings for Oopsydaisy Fine Art for Kids, a commission that has slowly come to life over the past 4 months. In different cultures, the butterfly symbolizes the soul, bliss, change and joy. It’s funny, but the more I paint, the more I notice there is some obvious energy working through me. It’s something bigger, something clearer–not the scattered, daydreamin’ Gemini me that tries to juggle a million things at once, but a calmer, wiser part of me. Do you know what I mean? And when I try to control the creative process, I struggle! I think it’s when I fully surrender and trust, my work turns out the most genuine and soulful. Maybe it’s also where the inspiration comes from. It was a sad coincidence that we lost 4 friends while I was painting these, and so I want to dedicate these 4 butterflies to them–Ruth, Tyson, Stephen and Heather.

All paintings are acryllic, collage & oil crayon on canvas, 20 x 20 inches.
They will be available soon as reproductions on canvas: www.oopsydaisy.com.