After connecting with Penelope Dullaghan (a super cool gal and awesome illustrator) who runs Illustration Friday, I finally got inspired to participate. Also, with all this talk about time management, I thought I’d try to set aside a few hours a week to illustrate the topic, experiment, and build a portfolio all at the same time.

One thing I’ve been struggling with in my work is that I’m getting known as doing children’s illustration (which i LOVE), but I don’t only want to do. I miss doing book reviews, editorial work, etc. I miss the problem solving. (I know it’s gotta be good for my brain…) And I’ve been so busy with my regular work that I haven’t had time to update my portfolio to get those jobs.

So, this is my solution to this week’s topic: polar.

In this case, bipolar. I was thinking of not only the polar opposites in one’s character who has this disorder, but the constant strain, the teetering of that fine line–thus the little guy in the distance walking the tightrope.

Would love some feedback…