Walking barefoot in cold creeks
Talking with magpies
Holding hands with my love
Discovering tiny little strawberries just born from flowers
Researching worm farms and chicken coops
Planting seeds
Hammock naps under the trees
Spontaneous visits from the nextdoor neighbor boys Dawid and Ishua
Catching water
Pick-up soccer games at Nezi’s farm
Painting like there’s no tomorrow
Gardening at sunset in that special golden El Rito light
The sound of rain on our metal roof and on the canvas yurt
Oso’s smile
Family visits
Dan Regan’s cabin in Colorado (and more–seeing Dan & Jen!)
Summer campfires with friends
Eating on Grandma Scherer’s china that she gave us
The Bandito Café that Beth and Loren opened at their house
Reconnecting with old friends
Finally painting my chai cabinet that John gave me
Rufus Wainwright, Lucinda Williams, Van Morrison, Art of Flying and Larry Yes
And, rearranging refrigerator pictures