After a more focused week in my studio, I have these to share. They are acrylic, collage and oil crayon on wood and on canvas. (Click on an image to see larger.)

I’m definitely still (and forever) searching and trying new things. I have certain thoughts about these now, but I know that will change as I let them sit and begin more. I didn’t have a plan or vision in mind with any of these. I just started with shapes and lines and kept adding and subtracting until something appeared. I think some are better than others. They are small…range in size from 9 x 12 inches to 20 x 20 inches. After these, I want to paint larger, bolder, freer…

I’m trying not to think too much now about whether they work together or not…I just want to keep painting and then select the strongest ten or twelve to show in Jackson.

Like my other paintings, they’re still inspired by many of the same thoughts…journeys, choices, guides, karma, life and death, transformation, connectedness.