I fly in my dreams. Especially when I remember during my dreams that I can. Usually I flap my arms and then sail, but a few times, I’ve bounced…kinda like Tigger but in slow motion…I could bounce into the clouds and all across the world. It’s these dreams that inspire my paintings quite often. Music, too.

On Saturday our little mountain community held a music festival in the meadow next to the Lorien Forest. It was one of those sweet summer nights lying together with neighbors on blankets in tall grass eating popcorn out of brown paper bags and watching the sunset turn the mountains pink and orange.

One of the acts during the night was our friends and neighbors Dave Costanza and Anne Costanza-Remaly. They’re called The Art of Flying. If you close your eyes when you hear them, you feel like you’re flying–or sailing more like–on the wind. Dipping, then soaring, and looping back around every once in a while, feeling your stomach drop like you do when you remember something so close to your heart that you lost many years ago. Dave says their music is an “acquired taste,” but if that’s so, I acquired it the first minute I ever heard them. Their sound is hazy and beautiful, and the way their voices dance together is entrancing. I’ve never tried to write about someone’s music before..it’s so subjective like trying to describe someone’s art. You can check out this album on line: “As if I were the Sea.”

I recently finished a 3 x 3 foot painting. (I’ll post it soon.) Painting large(r) is SO freeing! (a different kind of flying!) I loved moving my whole body–sometimes up on my toes, other times squatting near the floor. It was somehow easier to be bolder and looser, to take more risks…maybe because there was more “space” to move; to dance. (It’s addicting–I’m starting another one today.) I think it was also the music I was listening to that gave me a lot of energy and courage to let go into it…Speaking of which…I’m always looking to expand my music library. Who are you listening to lately?