**new work added on 7.24.07

student work: Pinocchio

These are some of the Illustration Academy students’ final pieces. The assignment was to illustrate a double page spread for Ch 3 of Pinocchio. I think it was a challenging assignment for many of them, although you wouldn’t know it by seeing their finishes. Amazing work, eh?! Creative, beautiful and extremely professional. I’m so impressed. I’m sorry I don’t have the names for every piece. (I remember everyone but got names mixed up–so students, please let me know if you know, and I’ll add the names.)

Part of the mystery of any good work of art is the unseen process. Check out some of the students’ blogs which have their process and/or more work from the summer session.

greg dahler

chris rahn

sarah watts

jane radstrom

andrew wright

rob demperio

kenny callicutt

Dustin Darnault

shawn yu

caitlin flood

tina sweep

Mike Anthony

If any Academy students read this and haven’t sent me a jpg of their image, I’d love for you to send me one!