(this is a small sampling of some of my collage papers.)

Penelope asked recently what kinds of papers I use for collage material. If you could visit my small studio, you’d notice the clutter of huge mounds of paper scraps…much like Cookie Monster’s dream when everything he touched turned to a pile of cookies. Alongside those piles are envelopes, bags, cigar boxes and wooden boxes stuffed with old receipts and book and record covers, yellowed ledger papers, silk kimono scraps, chalk transfer paper, colored tissue paper, construction paper, old photographs and postcards, wall paper, old dictionaries and maps, loads of paper that I’ve painted, and paper money from countries my dad or I have visited–when I was in little, he would bring me his ‘change’ from his travels, and wow, lookie how it’s come in handy! Thanks, Dad!

The age and history of these scraps of papers are what inspires me the most. Personally, I don’t like using brand new papers for collage. I like them worn and discolored. Used. I collect most of my material while traveling or junkin at flea markets or antique shops. Once, my friend Nanette gave me a whole bag-full of treasured scraps that I’m still going thru and using, but that was a rare gift/find.

I prefer light to medium weight stocks. I usually tear paper when collaging, but sometimes I use scissors. It just depends. I like the way the torn edges lay down with what’s beneath it. Also, I almost always ‘eyeball’ it when tearing or cutting, sometimes doing it several times til the right shape happens. It just allows for something much more fun to happen vs. something more predictable.

Ah, collage…so fun. I’d love to hear what other people use for collage, where they find it, and how they use it…