just returned from 4 days in the mountains and feel sooooo refreshed. patrick, oso and i went with my brother joe–it was so great to have him out here! our trip was stunning, really. we saw HUNDREDS of shooting stars during the perisades’ meteor showers in the most perfectly clear, dark new-moon sky. it was incredible. out of nowhere, they would streak across the sky. it made me gasp and shreak and yell, ‘Dang!’ over and over. we all agreed the only thing that would make meteor showers better would be if they made sounds like ‘schooooooom’ or ‘sveeeeeeeem’ or ‘schviiiiiiiiiiiiitttchh’ as they flew.

jackson was great! the show (i sold some work! yay!), the workshop and visiting with my good friend Lisa. i’ll post pics soon. hope all is well.