I feel like my world has been spinning since I went to Jackson. It was a wise decision to plan my August with two full weeks of vacation after my show and workshop–knowing I would need it and deserve it–and it worked out great. I frolicked in the mountains, saw a couple hundred shooting stars, played on the river, hiked a bunch of miles in the mountains, cooked amazing garden meals, and had beautiful visits with my brother and my parents (they all traveled out to NM).

And yesterday was my first day of school! I’m taking a printmaking class at UNM in Taos for 5 1/2 hours on Thursdays!! HORRAY! Can you tell how happy I am? I was a little nervous (as I always am starting something new) and a bit stressed because of that HUGE, growing list of “to dos”, but you know what happened? About 10 minutes into class, I got so excited that I was a student again and that I had given myself all this time to just play and learn a new medium, that I let go of everything…………..and had the best time making my first print. I’ll post it next week–this is just a piece of scrap paper I used to lay on top of my plate and draw on to take away from my monoprint. I’m going to save all the scraps for something… Oh, It was so freeing. Before I knew it, it was 2 o’clock and time to clean up. I never even stopped for lunch. Yeppers, I’m all smilely and happy right now. I can’t wait til after my 3rd class because then I can use the print shop ANYTIME I want, as much as I want. Wooohooo.