I had my second class today. It’s addictive! Mysterious, meditative and fun, too. I’ve always wanted to study printmaking, and I’m in love with the medium and process as much as, if not more than, I thought I would. The top monoprint is the one I made last week. I was playing with textures and mark making. The image was inspired by a painting from my Jackson show.

The second print I made today as part of a series of 3 prints based off a photograph I took of cacti in a greenhouse in Sikkim. The assignment was to start with a BW photograph and make 3 monoprints: the first (a reduction, taking away from a black plate), the second (starting with a clean plate and adding ink) and the last (a combo).

I’ll post good scans of this series after they are finished setting. The first of the series (not pictured) I spent WAY too long on–probably 3 hours. I used too much of one solution and not enough of another so the ink dried in areas, and I lost all sorts of cool textures and values. I made this print in 30 minutes, and it turned out so much nicer and fresher. Even though I’m just experimenting, I’m pretty happy with it. I like the marbleY ground, the krazy light in the sky and on the front cactus, and and just the oddness of the image…maybe a little bit like Dali’s melting clocks, but melting cacti… Anyway, I’m just having fun. It’s a complete renewal for me, and I’m not judging them whatsoever.