i’ve been a little overwhelmed lately looking at my “list”. sometimes i feel like it’s a little absurd, or a slightly neurotic, because it’s all over the place. so much i want to do, and so few hours in a day…paint, printmaking class, write, freelance jobs, commissions, update my website, teach myself more web-coding, add to my portfolio, work on my books, organize, self-promos, keep up with billing, taxes, gallery work, investigate grad schools, make giclees prints, sell giclees, and the list, literally goes on + on + on… it’s true that as freelancers, we must be very self-motivated. that i am (not always realistic, but motivated–yes), and some days i just look at that insanely long list and have no idea what to tackle. so, i do whatever i’m in the mood to do, that is, unless a job-deadline takes priority.

today, i made a new piece for my illo portfolio. it was from IF’s word of the week: momentum. i brainstormed for a little while and was trying to do something more conceptual, but they all seemed forced. charlie parker was playing on my iTunes, and i thought, he’s got momentum! i also thought of how music gives me momentum… i like the birds flying out of the sax–just felt like it added to the idea, but in a subtle way.