“Do anything. Work in a potato field…but if you do work in a field, do not fail to observe the look and feel of earth and all things you handle–yes, even potatoes!”
–Ben Shahn

I always giggled at the line about working in a potato field, but now I’m livin’ it! I just dug up about 30 of the 100 fingerlene potato plants in our garden which yielded a krazy amount of 5-30 potatoes per plant! Being a first-time potato farmer, I was shocked! It is a beautiful day today–the mountain tops are covered with white! We got our first snow yesterday (only up high) and although it was frigid last nite, it was sunny and tshirt weather today. Harvesting the potatoes has been the most fun of all the veggies cause you get to kneel in the dirt and dig thru the soil with your fingers. It’s addicting too, because the more you dig around, the more potatoes you find, and you don’t want to stop digging because you don’t want to leave any behind. They are goofy looking and feel so good to hold in your hand. I think everyone should experience growing and harvesting potatoes at least once in their lifetime!

The passage above is from The Shape of Content by Ben Shahn and is one of my favorite books, or maybe I should say Ben Shahn is one of my favorite artists–ever since highschool. My friend Kevin gave me this copy years ago, and I’ve read this particular passage “The Education of an Artist” over an over–click on the image to read it. It inspires me to keep playing and experimenting and traveling and having new experiences and growing as an artist and making those fun, in-my-life-i-want-to… kinds of lists. Here’s one of my lists I keep adding to when I come across it. What’s something on your fun life list?