i’m in the midst of giving my studio a “make-over” with new flatfiles (amen! i’ve always wanted some) and going thru everything— throwing stuff out and giving stuff away and SIMPLIFYING (oh it feels so good). oso took me for a nice walk in the woods when i needed a break, and we climbed a great big cottonwood…in case you haven’t climbed a tree in awhile, i’m here to remind you, IT’S SO MUCH FUN! the height (i actually love it), the breeze, the sound of rustling leaves, the feel of your hands on the branches, the smell of course, and the views–there’s nothing else like it. the best part is just the sitting. i could have sat there all afternoon just breathing and smiling, cause trees do that to you. ok, really, i climbed the tree and oso stood guard below like a worried little brother (thanks, oso).

the amazing weather here has been so energizing. i’ve been working on some new kids book stories, my printmaking class (oooh, i think i had a break thru this week with collage and printing! i’ll show soon.), and creating the world–a map that is–a fun commission for Oopsydaisy. the map is a bit overwhelming, but i think it’s going to be really fun. besides that, i heard from an old friend ‘out of the blue’ (which was super nice) and it reminded me of the OH-SO many awesome people i’ve known in my life, both past and present, and how they’ve all affected me in different ways. ahhhhhh, life is pretty beautiful, eh?