Today is Kukur PoojaA day to honor your dog! (Thanks for reminding me, Surya) In Nepal, they give dogs special tika (blessing with red powder on 3rd eye), a garland of marigolds (see Oso the dog to your left), and of course, special sweet treats. SO! celebrate kukur pooja today and take your pooch for a nice long walk, adorn him/her with flowers and blessings and maybe give them an extra long back-belly-bum scratch…ahhhhh!

Happy Kukur Pooja to Oso, to Chubby in Bhaktapur, Nepal, and to yours. P.S. Katherineko kukuriko naam kukur ho. I think I just said: (in Nepali) Katherine’s chicken’s name is dog. Hmmm. Then maybe she should should celebrate as well!