We gathered at our friends’ warm-n-toasty earthship on the mesa for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner of special veggie sushi (rolled with rice and pomegranate seeds), ginger-lemon-miso soup, and spiced pumpkin pie, cheese cake and chai. Our community here is a rare one, and I’m grateful for them. We got home around midnight, made our first fire of the season, and woke this morning to our first snowfall–8 inches of soft, still, white beauty. Winter is here, and I’m happy.

There is something I am especially thankful for this year–our friend Surya from Nepal is coming to the U.S. to study. We’ve known Surya since he was 13 when he was living at the hostel at Sunshine School where I volunteered in Bhaktapur. He has become a brother to us. This is really a dream come true, and I’m very happy he has been given this opportunity! Our entire family in Nepal took such good care of us during both our visits there. They have a saying that explains it all, “athithi devo bhava” which means “guest is God”. It will make us so happy to do the same for Surya, in our home, some day soon.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!