I had some time today to work on this print. It’s an image I’ve done before and one that finds its way into my head quite often. It has to do with watching thoughts (or times in our life, or even lifetimes) as they go around and around before us; how we’ll continue to experience things over and over til we ‘get it right’.

It is a monotype that I sealed with matte medium and painted on top of with thin glazes of acrylics (kind of washy but since I mix it with medium, it has some body to it vs. watery). I toned down the sky a lot because its texture in the print was distracting. I kinda like how it turned out–a mixed feel of paint and print. The color is much better on the original…just couldn’t get them right in the scan.

I made the monotype with oil-based inks on plexiglass (using plate oil and a few drops of Eugenol with each color). For the ground, I rolled ink with a roller. I put a piece of newsprint over the ground and drew all the ‘counting marks’ with different pencils (hard and soft), a stick, a crayon, an erasure, etc. The ink transfers to the newsprint (taking away from the plexiglass) and is a nice way to make subtle marks. In places that are bare paper (like the stripes on the bottom of the tent), I used a q-tip dipped in gamsol which dissolves the ink. If the q-tip is really wet, it bleeds and leaves a nice edge. It’s tricky (for me) to paint lines directly on glass that don’t look forced. So for the dark lines on the lower part of the tent, I rolled out dark ink on a piece of vellum, cut it in a long rectangular shape and set it face down on the glass. Then I drew lines so they transferred onto the glass. You can’t control this and inevitably get nice texture where you aren’t expecting it. The last thing I did before running it thru the press is the chine-collé. I tore little bits of paper, spritzed them with water and sprinkled them with wheat paste, and placed them on the glass. I want to experiment more with chine-colle. It feels so natural to me since I use a lot of collage in my paintings, and it’s SO fun. I’d love to hear any cool tips on chine-colle or monotypes. I’m so new with it. Plus, it’s endless.

(print detail)

And, it’s Friday. I made it! There is a steady rain falling outside. You know that sound of rain on a metal roof? Not a hard monsoon pelting, but a calming sweet rain. I love that.