My good friend Lisa is having a show of her Holga photographs tonight at TetonArtLab in Jackson Hole, WY. (yeah, Lisa! woohoo!) I wish I could buy them all and hang them as a grid in my studio, but well, my studio is small so I chose these 3 instead. I just can’t wait to hang them up. In August, Lisa and her husband Travis opened this gallery with their friend Tristan (who is showing tonight, too). I think a lot of us artists have the dream to open a gallery (because we’d stock it full of the coolest work since we have such talented friends). We all have ideas of how it could be better than other galleries out there. But alas, there are things like $$$ and time and courage and faith and our art that prevent us from ever trying. I just love and admire how these 3 manifested this dream together. I know how hard they’ve worked. Check it out–it’s a really great space.