When we were playing at the City Museum in Stl–surrounded by so much funky ART–Patrick said he wanted our house to be MORe fun (like the museum). (Hey! “fun” is my favorite word. Patrick claims it will be our kids’ first word someday.) He went on to dream up this spiral slide coming off the loft down into the living room and our 450 square ft floor being mosaic eye-candy. Sure, I said. Whatever you want. Meanwhile, our multi-talented artist-musician-sculptor-idea-friend Scott Randolph was busy creating this funky man holding chickens-in-boots for our super tall stove pipe. I commissioned it as a surprise for Patrick’s big four-O birthday. When we finally arrived home from Stl and walked into our house, it was waiting there as if to say, now i’m fun, aren’t i? Yep, we love it, and it definitely makes our house more “fun”.