Wow. I just realized it’s been 12 days since I last posted anything. I wish I could say it’s becaue I’ve been knee deep in fresh powder skiing the back runs in Taos Ski Valley. (Normally, I would have had 10 good skiing days already, oh well…soon!) It’s actually because I’ve been workin’ my bum off, from sun rise ’til the night is all starry. I’m a bit exhausted.

The good part of that is I feel like I’ve been so productive and in a fun, creative space. I also feel like I’ve FINALLY created a routine (still loose + creative, mind you) that works for me. A while back, I was frustrated with my time-management…no more of that! (However, I still can’t quite tell if that’s because it’s the dead of winter and freezing outside, so there’s no garden or hiking or swimming in the river to run off to…) But it’s a super great thing. The main thing I’ve changed is my morning: I don’t start work before my yoga practice. I’ve been doing this since October, and that one commitment to myself has changed everything. I feel more energized, definitely happier and healthier, calmer and more organized (with my thoughts, and therefore, my day).

One huge plus of feeling balanced is that I have been tackling (and accomplishing) things on my “maha” list that before, seemed to haunt me in my sleep…things that seemed so overwhelming that I just didn’t know how I’d ever get thru it all. But I have: I’ve been working on a redesign of my whole website (coming soon!), I’m planning a big, ol’ marketing campaign of my illustration work to AD’s (it’s about time…), I finished my next kid’s book dummy and handed it over to my publisher (yippeee), and I’ve been planning a book tour at independent book stores in the Spring (west coast + midwest cities). Ahhh…yes, I’m feeling a sense of ‘ahhhh’.

Another thing I’ve changed is that I do something little towards everything on my list, everyday, instead of focusing on just one thing. My mantra has been: bird by bird and I think I can, I think I can.

I also feel more aware of what brings balance for me and what throws me off. So I’ve been consciously doing things to find balance–like for every hour or two on the computer, I do a handstand for 20 seconds or for every 5 minutes of focusing on a drawing or book or computer screen, I look up and across the room and focus on something else for a few seconds. (These two things are workding WONDERS on my body. Two great pieces of advice some folks passed on to me once.) Or I switch up the music or menu. Bottom line, though, I think feeling happy balances all scales…and I’m happy.

It’s all a great big balancing act, isn’t it? Especially when you work for yourself, I think. Speaking of which, I’ve been working all day…I’m going to go cuddle up with my love and watch a movie and relax. I intend on breaking out of my studio by the end of the week and giving you a full mountain report!

I hope you are feeling inspired and centered lately, too…xo