It’s been snowing non-stop. Went for a long walk this morning ’round the hood and thru the woods, Oso paving the way, crows flying and cawing overhead. The Sangres looked so mysterious, so Himalaya-esque. I just love that.

I’ve been a little distracted the past few days scheming with Patrick for a randevu somewhere, an adventure somewhere south…Mexico, Guatamala, or even Southern New Mexico. Can’t decide quite yet, but my internal compass is pointing me towards some adventure or another. I think that’s why I was inspired to paint up that little dream doodle. Doesn’t that look so fun?

What else…OH–I went on a little spontaneous excursion Friday to Santa Fe to see Barak Obama speak. (He’s…hope.) I won’t go on, but I LOVE his idea for a 4 thousand dollars credit/year to any college student’s education in return for community service–local or even the Peace Corps. DANG! That’s awesome. Another little thing I remember was a challenge to every one, to be a better person. I just thought that was so cool. Anyway, I was smitten.

On an odd, but still political note: President Bush was at Hallmark. Too weird. When I heard it on npr, I immediately thought, “I bet none of my friends were allowed to attend!” (for fear of protests or smirks or some creative something—I was right.) My friend Jim just posted his report.

To add to the random mix of this post…I’ll share a coupla other things…
a huge music inspiration (new to me) which y’all probably already know about (I’m so slow on these fronts),

and this hilarious video that I saw at the ever-so-inspiring Andrea’s blog and just had to share further,

and my pal Oso.

BTW, where would you go if you had 2 weeks to take off for exploring purposes????