It’s distracting sometimes livin’ in such a beautiful place, but somehow I manage. Had an AWESOME day skiing yesterday. Felt like a bird zooming all over the mountains and thru the trees. Definitely the closest thing to flying. And there’s NOTHING like the mountain air to fill your lungs, and the burn in the thighs…I love it. I’ll be doing more in March…Seems like graces are falling in abundance from the skies lately…not only fresh powder on the slopes, but we got tickets for Hawaii a couple days ago! Leaving tomorrow! Wooohoo! I have a lot of work coming up in March (for some months) so this will be a fun break before that starts. We’re visiting my brother and his family in Honolulu for 7 days and going to Kauai for 9 days to trek and snorkel and kayak and swim and play, and to just soak up the sun and warmth and GREENESS and beauty. Can you believe I’ve never been snorkeling? (Except in Arkansas, but I don’t know if silver minnows count, even though I enjoyed it then!) Can’t wait to paint the under-water world.

Ahh, It’s SO fun to be spontaneous! Aloha!