Sorry to exclude my brothers out there. This is for sisters only. Maybe next time.

I know y’all are itchin’ for summer time and sleeping under the stars and breathing some fresh mountain air. Well, at least I am. I’m dreaming of doing yoga barefoot in an open meadow, sitting in prayer in front of a campfire under zillions of stars and mostly, some quality sister-time. I’m craving a retreat for drawing and writing and dancing and singing with like-spirits. Earth mommas, wise elders, young spirits. Artists and storytellers. Poets whose words bring me to tears. Sharing. And simply, hanging out with inspiring women friends. Plus, I’m yearning for another adventure in the Sangres, walking thru aspen-eyes and friendly-blue-pines and carmel-er-cottoncandy-scented ponderosas. Oh, and of course shooting stars.

Anyone else dreaming of this? A walk between heaven and earth? You know–that beautiful place of total peace and bliss.

My dear, beautiful, wise and really funny friend Elaine (who is an amazing poet/writer and one of the most adventurous gals I know) and I are leading a women’s creative backpacking retreat in August thru the Lama Foundation in Taos, New Mexico. While I know it may not be for all of you, I thought it might be exactly what some of you are looking for…

Elaine describes it a bit more eloquently:

Please join us for a week of walking through the wild beauty (see pics at left) of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Northern New Mexico. From our base camp in a high alpine meadow, we will spend our days hiking, writing, drawing, sitting, stretching, cooking, eating, sleeping and dreaming. There will be time to share our stories and dreams, cook great meals, relax and open our hearts. This is a great opportunity for learning to listen to the land, and write in the language of wilderness. This retreat is open to all levels of wilderness and writing experience. Good physical condition and some backpacking experience are recommended.

If you might be interested, space is limited. It’s Tues. Aug. 12-Weds. Aug. 20, 2008. Click here for more info and registration, and ask any questions in a comment. Ahhhh! I am so excited. I hope some of you will join us. xo jenny