Wow. There is nothing like driving to the post office (on a cloudy, cold day) to sign for a SURPRISE package with a gorgeous, inspiring painting inside from a super sweet friend. You rock, Katherine! I only questioned for a split second why I was the special recipient–I was mostly giddy and big-eyed. The spirit of Pino’s sweet donkey ears are alive in my studio! Horray! And you, too! Your painting has so much energy and is so playful and spontaneous! Feels like Spring is here all of a sudden. It’s just what I needed to be around right now! Thank you, my friend.

More inspiration recently buzzin’ around for me:

JUNO (my new favorite film ever!)
this book (that is reminding me of things I want to do in my life)
this book, too (WOW, the joy of simple wonders and storytelling)
Bibi (need I say more? she has such a fun name and is FULL of inspiration to share)
all the artwork in this collection
and these –coming soon in our mailbox!