This site is built in WordPress with a ton of ‘alterations’ by the amazing duo at It functions like a blog and is revolutionary in keeping my site up to date with new works, news and events. The search option and category archive makes it easy for you to find something you’re looking for, too. I didn’t know anything about WP before I began, so there was a huge learning curve (for me) in figuring out how it would function. If you are building a new site or rebuilding an old one, you might want to consider this ‘style’ of building–you control everything (that you designate as editable) on-line, vs. a program like Dreamweaver. It’s very right-brained. I love it! And, rocks. I am so happy with how it has come to life. The site was designed by me with lots of helpful insight from Brianna (Thank you!), suggestions from friends and inspiration from sites I love. All content copyright 2008 by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw.