Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids commissioned a world map in my poster-fabric-stitched style. The map size would be printed roughly 3×4 feet and as a larger mural. The client wanted it to have the same learning emphasis as the ABC’s, sharing cultures, animals+plant life, traditions, food, sports, landmarks, history, etc–all with kid-spirit in mind. The research took 3-4 weeks, but I loved that part! I used my own research photos when possible (and friends’) and the internet for the rest. As in the alphabet, I had a list of way TOO many ideas and had to widdle it down, keeping a good balance throughout the world.

My finished sketch for the client:

I have to admit, because I was going to create this map out of fabric, I was a little nervous to start…But as soon as I dove in, I had so much fun. I created each icon by collaging fabric scraps and adding details with stitching. I scanned each piece separately, cleaned them up, and sometimes altered colors and patterns. Here are two finished icons with the research I used:

After finishing several icons, I made this VERY rough color sketch for the client:

The rest was a marathon. Fabric scraps covered my studio, and I was covered in strands of colored thread for a couple weeks solid.

By the time I finished all the icons, I painted the continents to give them a more textured feel and created a water pattern for the oceans. Add in lettering (a nice mix of font, hand-lettered and fabric-cut title), and you have the finished map: