hillside final posterThis annual report was commissioned by Hillside Family Agency in Rochester, NY. I worked with designer/art director, Dona Bagley, and her creative team at Adams Communications. The format was a 2-sided poster. They wanted the conept to emphasize the already-proven successes of their programs, tying in the saying, “Believing is seeing.” They also wanted the illustrations to have the spirit of the kids and families they help. I was especially excited to work on this project since it was the first time Hillside had ever used illustration (over photography). After a conference call with the creative team at Adams, I submitted these concept roughs:

The decision was unanimous. Next step, color roughs:

hillside color roughs

The poster dimensions changed to a bit wider dimensions. This was my final sketch:

Cover 35″ x 12 1/8, Inside 21 x 12 1/8

When I sent the final illustrations, Dona asked me to hand letter the title:hillside hand lettering

These are the final illustrations placed into Dona’s design, front/reverse.

hillside final poster

The poster was folded and mailed. Dona also used a crop of the reverse art for the financial book cover and inside spots. I was so happy with the quality and color of the printing, AND Dona’s design. Hillside was also really happy with the project!

hillside printed annual report