Picture a beautiful day, all sunny and warm with fresh snow frosting the mountain tops. You are surrounded by so many people (both familiar and new) smiling and laughing and coloring–all sharing in a dream of yours come-true. What could possibly be better? You feel so supported and loved and simply, HAPPY. If you can imagine, this was my yesterday.

The My Travelin’ Eye party at TWIRL was SO much fun. I’m marking it down as one of the best days ever. My Travelin’ Eye was a few years in the making, but to me, it felt like it really came to life yesterday. I want to thank everyone who came–and everyone who was their in spirit. It meant the world to me and to little Jenny Sue, too! And the kids–they were so sweet and curious and excited and beautiful. Every time I looked up while I read and saw their wide eyes and tall eyebrows (and their groovy, travelin’ eye buttons pinned on their shirts), I smiled even bigger. It was the first time I read my book to a room packed with people, and they liked it! (which made it even more fun!) Also, it was the first time ever when I spoke in front of people and knew my eye was flying all over the room, and I wasn’t embarrassed or shy about it. (man, that was so nice…) I hope everyone enjoys their new book! Also, a BIG thanks to Patrick and the Wonder-Women of Twirl who made it such a fun event!