We dug in our garden for most of today. Felt so alive. Backbreaking and energizing at the same time. Our greenhouse is busting with little baby seedlings! And Oso, as always, holds down the “chill” vibe in the garden. His name means “bear”, but he’s more like a lion.

I was looking through our India photos and found this hilarious video I thought I’d share for no other reason than to make y’all laugh.

Meet the Plastic Toy Wallah of Rishikesh and his dancing toys! They caught our eyes as we were strolling along the Ganga. How could they not? After he explained the majic of his flip-floppers, we dished out the rupees for a pair of our own. Big aspirations of sidewalk shows back in the U.S. flashed in our minds. Our mistake, though, was not testing our super duo until we got back to our guesthouse. Lesson learned: one can never trust a Plastic Toy Wallah in India. Our dancing flippers turned out to be a flop without its magical opposing magnets. The next morning (over chai and paratha) Patrick fumed and wrote at the top of our daily list of to-dos: Number 1: VISIT TOY WALLAH + EXCHANGE FOR LIVE ONES. Only, this was a traveling salesman who obviously counted his blessings (or suckers) and musta moved down stream in a hurry.

Also, check these out: Doug posted his inspiring seven! And Jim has been posting his, one by one. And the new CA arrived in my mailbox this week, and there is a total treasure in it!–an article on Sterling Hundley…oh, my! YOU MUST GET. And, for any of you in the midwest, I posted some upcoming book events on my sidebar.

Been doing so much “office” work, I’m ready for a clearing of time and a week full of painting…