10 days away from home, and one can get a little bit disoriented. At least for me, 10 days away from the mountains makes me dizzy. I had an awesome trip, celebrating my book with tons of kids and friends and family, but man, I am exhausted! We drove home last night just before sunset time, the mesa and mountains looking so vibrant and alive thanks to a much needed rain. My favorite part of the drive up from Albuquerque is coming out of the canyon, up the last roller coaster hill, when all you can see out from your windshield is a massive, wide and winding crack in the earth. My stomach drops EVERY time as it appears we are driving into it. The wild and beautiful Rio Grand Gorge. Instantly, I take the biggest, fullest, deepest breath I’ve had since I left, and I make Patrick pull over so I can ‘try’ to capture it for you. Just no justice here, but perhaps a taste.

The road continues thru Taos and climbs up another 1000 ft. As we near home, the skies rain more, and smell of pinons and sage just about knock us over–in the best way possible. Oso and Ladoo prance and cry sweet doggie whines of joy, and we run into our garden, squatting next to every little green sprig, and cheer. All is fine on the home front–except for the folded-over fence–yes, hibernation time is over, and our bear is back. (Guess Oso + Ladoo have been sleeping on the job!) 15 minutes later, the rain stops and paints an insanely beautiful rainbow in our backyard. DANG! I love it here! And thanks to the skies for raining ALL night long.

I’ll write a post soon about my trip! I had such a fun time at the schools. Also, tomorrow my student and friend from Sunshine School in Nepal, Surya, is coming for a long visit! What a sweet reunion that will be. I hope you are all doing well!