just playing.

Just took a day to play before diving into my next few jobs. This started from a snippet of a dream I had, but it ended up somewhere else. It sorta reminds me of colorforms. Remember those? I loved those. The story always changed depending on how you stuck the shapes to the backdrop. I think the raindrop trees are in anticipation of the monsoons. The clouds are building and the sky is growling, but nothing more than sprinkles so far.

Speaking of which, we invested in a 1700-gallon cistern to catch rain water! Isn’t that awesome?! Never thought I’d be so happy about a humongous piece of plastic! Hee. We have a good well, but I think it’s really important that we conserve it here in the desert. Our gutters will feed the tank, and we’ll be able to water our garden and ‘futuristic’ greenhouse with it. It’s quite exciting news. I’m gonna be dancing in the rain when ours starts to fill! And some folks out here catch 3xs that! I can’t even imagine. Still, it’s a quantum leap from the two, 50-gallon rain barrels…just gotta get the cistern connected and buried before the monsoons get here!

Other stuffs + inspiration: i finished a commission for Land of Nod (i’ll post it once they announce it in their catalog) and they just added my CC dishes and puzzle to their catalog. Sarajo who shared a link to carrotmob : and this beautiful movie we watched, Bella + the book Samsara Dog.