Yesterday my friend Maria was telling me about a talk she is giving at her publisher’s about storytelling and how random meetings or experiences (if we are open to them) can be great springboards for stories. How true! When you start thinking of stories, they are everywhere. How many times have you thought, ‘what a great idea for a kids book!’ I get lots of those…Most aren’t so good, but some are. I try to catch the worthy ones and write em down, but the truth is I don’t always give them the attention they need to see where they could lead me. Maybe it’s laziness or busyness or down-right fear.

Thus enters a quite normal circumstance that recently led me to a world of rocks talking about things way beyond their years. It was a friend of a friend who painted these adventures with words, and I had the honor of reading. Once again another reminder that writing is simply another medium to make a picture. Of course, I’ve talked about this when I’ve given presentations. I know this, but I just don’t feel as comfortable with words as I do with painting or drawing…Still, I know it’s all a matter of getting in shape and surrounding myself with others who are doing it.

So that’s what I’m going to do. Jump off my safe, fluffy cloud and dive deep into the ocean so I can learn to fly even better. In a couple of weeks, I’m going on an 8-day backpacking+art+creative writing retreat. I’m so SO excited to go far away from ‘this’ world, take time for trees and art and sisters. And to face my fears! Although I’m one of the leaders on the retreat, I’ll be a participant, too. One of my intentions–to let go into the infinite possibilities of z imagination…to play without judgements and to soak up all that surrounds me…you know, “be as wide as the sky to learn a secret.” (ah, Rumi!)