Wow. I’m so honored–Mark and Andrea just posted a fun podcast about My Travelin’ Eye! Thanks you two! It was so surreal listening to someone(s) talk about my book, but I love that they ‘got’ it. And that their kids loved it made my day. For those of you who aren’t subscribers to their podcast, check it out. If you’re a parent, teacher, librarian, or simply a lover of kid’s books, you’ll be happy you did. They not only review children’s books, they do super inspiring interviews with kid’s book authors and illustrators. I love listening to it in the studio. Search through their archives–you’ll find some of your favorites and discover new ones, too!

Something interesting about travelin’ eyes (that I don’t think I’ve shared before) is this article about how travelin’ eyes actually aid artists! There are some famous artists in history and today who have one!

Hope you enjoy the recording!