Hi friends! I hope all is well with you. It’s been awhile since I posted. Been taking a hiatus from the ol’ computer and internet to focus on my book and art and garden. The weather is ultra perfect here, too. I love Fall.

This weekend was the big Bhandara festival at the temple. 108 Hanuman Chaleesas were sung from 4 am to 4pm while a maha-feast was prepared for hundreds of guests. The t-shirts turned out so fun! The four colors are below — the top design is small and centered on front, the bottom design is BIG on the back. By chance anyone wants one, they should be available soon through the ashram puja dhukan. The brown is men’s, pink + teal are kid’s, and lt blue is women’s.

Patrick and I made one of the 12-gallon batches of chai for Maharaji. Mmmmm. Here he’s smashing ginger (and sporting his new shirt). We also picked lots of flowers from our garden for the festival, including thousands of marigolds that we strung and hung. It reminded me so much of being in Nepal. Ah, I miss it so. The second picture on the top row (below) is Didjyu picking marigolds for a puja celebration at Sunshine School in Nepal. The others are of our garden. The last picture is a floating dhalia, which we’ve been doing a lot–they look like lotuses and last so long that way.

We’re in full-on harvest mode now, and I’ve proudly earned the name Little Miss Canner, storing up garden freshness and ‘summer’ for the long, cold winter. (Patrick overheard a local saying this winter is going to be ‘really’ cold because the ant hills are abnormally high and insulated. Uh, oh.)  Frederick the Mouse is my inspiration! My grandmother was also a big canner so it must be in my genes. The funnest part is admiring your work as it grows — so far, 50 plus quarts of summer veg soup, green beans, pickled beets, and carrots. Yesterday was ‘Operation Pesto’–about 20 batches joined tons of broccoli and greens in the freezer! The winter squashes are stored, and the potatoes and remaining carrots will be dug up soon. Hopefully salsa and pasta sauce will be next — if the tomatoes ever ripen — the peppers, corn and onions are waiting patiently!

A friend told me a funny thing about My Travelin’ Eye. Her 3 year old son has been saying, “I LOVE Jenny Sue!” when he reads my book. Then, the other day, he declares, “I WANT TO WATCH DR. DAVE, MOMMY!” Her response, “Well, Quinton, Dr. Dave hasn’t made it to the big screen quite yet.” Hee! That cracked me up. I’ll have to work on that one.

I’m really getting excited about my next kid’s book. I love what’s happening, and I’m just having so much fun with it.  I’ve also been really inspired (personally) by my dreams lately and will try to post drawings soon — if you promise not to analyze them! Ha. Have a beautiful week, y’all.