So, remember when I said I’d share some dream drawings? Well, here’s the first installation: “3-way Connection”…

It might be obvious after reading the doodle, but I have the funnest news ever to share–we’re having a baby! (This would explain the past few months of blog-slackin’ due to walkin’ the queasy-tummy hire wire AND my new found love for napping (thus the wild dreams). I can’t really write words for just how happy and amazed we are, but I think you probably know. I’m already reading stacks of kid’s books to the wee one! Hee. I am so looking forward to seeing the world all anew through his/her eyes.

It’s a strange thing for me to imagine–growing a basketball belly–but I keep thinking of how much fun it will be! Beth and I plan to have some henna-painting nights (once I grow the belly), and I was thinkin’ I’d draw a really cool race course if I have a big bump at Christmas so my niece and I can play some serious hot-wheels!

I’m 14 1/2 weeks now, and last week Patrick and I heard the little one’s heart beat for the first time. Babum, babum, babum-babumbabumbabum! It was the sweetest sound we’ve ever ever heard, and the most amazing gift in the world. And I must say, I think this kid’s got rhythm! We went to yoga after our appointment and then to dinner where I got this oh-so perfect tag on my tea:

And remember the women’s backpacking trip? I was just 6 or 7 weeks then. It was the perfect way to spend that time. This is a dream I colored one morning after a full-moon rainy night: “Cloud Ride”…(click)

I feel more ‘full’ than ever, like I’m SUPER-CHARGED. Being pregnant kinda feels like you are partly in another realm, (like the 3-way connection dream), I feel like I have this direct, clear line to the universe, to the creative spark that birthed us all. It’s abstract yet very real. It makes me want to paint, paint, paint…

More dream doodles to come. For now, I am off on a walk with Oso (soon to be ‘big brother’) and then to work on some really fun illo jobs–can’t wait to share! Have a most-beautiful, inspiring day!

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