Our prayers were answered — we found our “dream 22-ft geodesic dome greenhouse” (click here) while we were in Pagosa Springs last weekend. It is used (2 years old) and although they were asking top $$$, they accepted our lower offer (that was still our max), and now it’s ours! (And thank goodness because a new one was a LOT further from our reach.) It will be delivered and constructed within a few weeks, and we’ll be growing a winter round of chard, kale, spinach and broccoli in no time! Not only will this green space be our continued source of organic veggies and health insurance, but it will be an oasis to retreat to, just 50 ft out the door. Yay!! What a blessing.

This summer we also installed a 1700-gallon water catchment cistern with a pipe and hydrant that’s been patiently waiting in a flat, open space for a greenhouse. One more step towards self-sufficiency out here in the mountains! Feels so good and positive. OH, and did I mention it has a big water tank (for it’s solar mass) that will be home to fish, snails, duck weed, lotus flowers, papyrus, a fountain and more?! Hee. I’m giddy.

I’m totally going to be one of those moms who makes all of her baby’s food — pureed-n-mashed up garden goodness!

Funny thing is, I wrote this post yesterday…not knowing and sorta thinking they wouldn’t accept our offer, but I was trying to envision it, and ta da!