Sometimes my work table gets a little out of control, especially when I’m working on more than one job at once. I found this fun, accidental color assemblage this morning under a pile of sketches and research while cleaning up. The photo is from a tiny mountain village in Sikkim during a full moon procession up to a Buddhist monastery. I love the random perfection of any given snapshot in India.

So, whenever I give Oso the “walk look”, he stares at me, his body totally frozen except for a hopeful butt waggle. When I confirm, he runs toward me, puts on the brakes, sliding, and scrunching up the carpet. He leaps 180 degrees toward the door, always grabbing a toy or a bone and throwing it up in the air in a pure Bhoddisatva moment. This morning, he chose a triangular piece of tracing paper with orange paint and a blue line drawn on it. Hee. It was all the same to him. I’ll tackle cleaning my floor next…

In honor of Halloween and my new book, I found some India Holi photos to share. Ok, so Holi is more of a Springtime, Easter-like celebration, BUT c’mon, doesn’t it look like Halloween? Same, same, but different!

And just to amuse myself, I made this ‘supergal’. Seemed appropriate since I’ve been flying a lot lately (in my dreams). Happy Halloween!

Have a fun weekend!