I don’t remember at all being naked in my dream, but when I painted my dream awake, I couldn’t remember what I was wearing so I didn’t paint any at all. I do, however, very clearly recall walking a path on a journey of sorts. I was barefoot and could feel stones and dirt under my soles. I came to a courtyard surrounded by a jungle and marble steps leading down into a deep lagoon. I could feel the presence of a being watching me and I remembered warnings from many that a great Bengal tiger lived here and attacked (and ate) many who attempted to cross thru the jungle. A dark, starless sky hovered, but a clouded full moon lit the steps and water and tree tops softly. A long, strong prrrrrrrrr sounded and an enormous, beautiful tiger was standing before me before I ever saw it coming. It crouched and I climbed on its back. It was the most gentle beast. I remember it’s fur and how I wanted to bury myself in it. I felt so safe. It carried me across the lagoon and thru the forest and I woke up thinking of Durga and wrapped around my soft and furry new preggo body pillow. Hee. Not sure what it all means, but I don’t really care. It was an awesome moment in dreamland and the second tiger dream I’ve had during my pregnancy.

My dreams been really vivid lately. Magical, mysterious, adventurous and intense. I want to paint my Kali dream soon, too — the fist, ah-ha-i-must-be-pregnant-dream.

Life here has been peaceful and playful and full. I’m 21 weeks now and feeling so happy. It’s hard to describe…physically, I feel more like myself again (no nausea and added energy) but I feel different, too. Lighter. More awake and in the moment. Perhaps it’s because the little one is kicking a lot now which is the supery, sweetest feeling ever. He or she seems to be keeping me here now instead of floating away in my Gemini mind. Patrick has been the best, too. He takes such great care of us. And Oso still has no idea what’s in store for him.

Also, I have the first 3 paintings complete for my new book (!), and I’m picking up more and more momentum. Chug-a-chug-a-chug. AND, the greenhouse goes up on Friday! So stay tuned… Hope all is well in YOUR world (and dreams).