We’ve been having a hard time staying indoors since Friday. It’s gorgeous weather AND our greenhouse is up (thanks to SO much help from our friends who came out and “Yoga Bill”, our supervisor)! You can see photos throughout the dome day here in my flickr garden set.

There is still tons to do: finish the seams and edges, bury the frost insulation, fill the water tank (that will be filled with goldfishies, water plants and a fountain), design and build our beds and lay the under-soil solar heating ducts/fan, and more that I’m not remembering… BUT — It’s up, and that is huge! A lot of the other work won’t get done til the Spring, but in the meantime, we’ll plant some chard and kale and broccoli in a temp bed, and hopefully we’ll be eating it fresh by the new year.

We’ve been wanting one of these greenhouses for 6 years and are still a bit amazed that it’s sitting right outside — on OUR land. So awesome. Well, I’m going back out now! Just wanted to share…!