I’m feeling super grateful for these last warmish days before winter—word is out that snow and cold are coming soon! The baby (in my belly) gives the sweetest kicks the moment I squeak first thing in the morning. (Yep, I’m a squeaker.) When it does flips, however, I sorta feel tipsy. (What a strange feeling!) I’m also giving thanks for all the great work flowing my way. I recently finished the above art for an annual report. I’ll share the printed version (with type and all) after the new year. I’m also doing illustrations for a fun educational program, an ad campaign for mesa del sol (so exciting!), new kids’ wall decor, and my kid’s book. I’m not always this busy with commissioned work, but it feels great when I am. Looks like I’ll be painting up until I go into labor! Hee. I’ll be timing contractions and saying, ‘just 5 more minutes—gotta finish this one last part.”

What are YOU working on? Commissioned or personal —