Happy New Year everyone! I had an awesome 2008 and am more excited about the new year than ever. LOTS of beautiful things coming!

We had a really fun visit in St. Louis with family and friends. It was a whirlwind packed with all good things.

And! My belly WAY bumped out this 27th week. It’s pretty fun I have to say. And perfect timing since my mom threw us a little holiday baby party. We received the coolest, most thoughtful gifts…some beautiful handmade things, wooden and organic cotton toys, and one of our faves…a onesie that says “Ask me about my compost pile.” Hee. So ‘right on’ for us. I’m also still feeling great and loving the energy, fueled (by the way) by 2 am meals! The baby is great at kicking me til I wake up for them.

Some other highlights:

– Our movie date, the BEST film I’ve seen in forever: Slumdog Millionaire. You ALL must see it. I can’t stop thinking about it. It blew me away in every way — the visuals, colors, music, chemistry of the actors/actresses, the story, etc.

– A fun excursion to the City Museum and a ride down their 7 story spiral slide! (See top rt picture to left: It is modeled after the old shoe-chute. I laughed my bum off the entire way down. The place is genius, and it is hilarious that at just about any given coordinates within the museum, kids are crawling above, around or below you.

– Painting henna on my nieces’ hands, running after all my little nieces and nephews, and maneuvering my way around my 3-year old niece’s question, “How will the baby get out, Aunt Jenny Sue?”

– Taking an entire week off work. Not even a lick. Gotta get away from it sometimes, in order to refuel. It was exactly what I needed before diving into the next 3 months of projects.

– And a yummy masala chai at the Annapurna Ayurvedic Cafe in Albuquerque along with their awesome, new Ganesh mural on the side of their building. Jai Ganesha! What better darshain to begin the new year with!

It’s great to be back now. There’s no place like home. So much snow and the bluest, biggest sky ever. We feel like we live in the clouds…