Time has been passing by so quickly lately. Thus, the lack of blogging. Feels like I’m on a boat ride in a swift current on the Ganges, feasting on every color and shape and sound, but I can’t freeze a single moment. Everything just mooshes together into a certain vibrancy; a feeling.

I worked around the clock last week on a freelance project. It was a ton of work, but I’m excited about how it all turned out. I’ll share it soon. I created it in collage that I digitally pieced together, which although it was appropriate for the complexity of the project, I realize I just don’t enjoy creating illos digitally. I prefer paint and the spontaneous process of ‘figuring things out’ with my hands — tossing in anything to make it just right. Feels more like playing a game. Plus, I tend to ‘turn off’ my travelin’ eye when it comes to more 2-D, left brain activities (such as staring at a computer monitor), which makes me lead with my right eye and I get all cock-eyed. No fun fer the neck muscles!

I’m excited to have that project off so I can focus more on my kid’s book (yay!!). My process with this book has been a lot different than my first. The first one I sorta just dove into and drew upon my childhood memories. And it worked perfect. But for this book, I taped each double page sketch into a sketchbook and have been carrying it with me everwhere, doodling and writing down ideas for each page whenever they come to me. It’s been such a huge help and really fun to see it develop this way. I’ve also been pouring through my travel sketchbooks and photographs for references. I initially started this process-book so I could show kids at schools how I think and work out my words/pictures, but it’s turned into a beautiful thing for me (and this story).

It’s also been pretty amazing painting this book for kids while a ‘kid’ is growing inside of me. It’s magical to say the least. And with less than 10 weeks to go, the reality (AND EXCITEMENT!) is kicking in. My belly is growing a lot now, and life is expanding with every thought that surfaces of this mysterious soul. My midwives are becoming close sisters, and along with the snow melting down the mountain, the baby will soon be heading downstream.