I found this strip of paper in a box of “India stuff”…it’s part of a child’s school notebook with the remainder of the sentence(s) torn off. Probably something I found on the street or maybe the wrapper to some small treasure I bought from one of those tip-top service centers. It’s amazing how ‘one day’ can change your life. And so can another. and another…

One day we wished for you.

One day i had a dream about a pregnant spider goddess who bit me, and i knew you were already on your way.

One day, when you were the size of a magic bean, we climbed a green mountain together for 10 days, and i planted so many wishes for you up there.

One day i felt you flutter inside me.

One day we heard your heart beat for the first time and your papa and i fell even deeper in love.

One day leaves fell and lemon light danced all around you, and you danced back.

One day i waited up half the night to feel you kick and felt my first worries.

One day the mountains turned pink, snow fell, and we walked on clouds.

One day i sang to you even though i don’t sing well.

One day you grew a LOT, and so did my belly.

One day i dreamed a tiger carried us through moon soaked waters and i knew all would be just right.

One day i’ll draw on the strength of all women and help you enter this world.

One day we’ll know ‘who’ you are.

One day soon.