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dear sweet one inside,

i have been wanting to write you a letter for months now but didn’t know what to say. i want to give you a glimpse of how loved you are — even before you are born — if my words can do this.

a group of very dear friends in our community gathered around me on saturday to offer you a bounty of blessings for a safe journey into this world, a journey you’ll be embarking on any moment now. it was a day i want to record here, a day i want you to know. the first, full day of Spring, warm, beautiful, sunny, there was a nice wind blowing thru the valley. Nanette and Angelika brought the circle of women together, kirry (whose angelic voice you are probably already in love with) opened with a song, and Sarah lit 2 candles for us as she said a prayer and brought everyone’s attention to the grace that fills our worlds…that while at times we feel overfilled with love and other times we feel trial and heartache, she asked everyone to focus on the positive, how our lives are so blessed, so privileged. we then took some breaths in silence to feel pure gratitude. for living in a place as Taos, for having the supportive, loving community we do, for the presence of the Divine in our lives, for food, shelter. for our families, partners, children and for you. i felt you moving with my breath, so energetic and alive!

sarah honored all women and noted that every stage of life was represented in the circle. many were mothers, all of us children.  tovia sang a native american song about birth and labor and mothers and grandmothers. so much energy being sent out and received.

then, one by one, each friend offered a blessing. each treasure so personal to us and them. many found or hand-made. a medicine bag to protect our family. necklaces and bracelets of coral, seeds, and turquois. a baby-sized, Native American feathered fan and 3 turtles — apparently, many think you are a little girl! (even your future friend Sheva offered shimmering Indian bangles “for her to put on her dollies.” i told her if you are a boy, i think you’ll enjoy them just the same!) your box is filled with shells from Costa Rica, India, and Hawaii; sandalwood oil from India and bottled herbs/scents from the Native American Church; a mirror to discover yourself; the softest cashmere to wrap up in; there is Ganesh and Hanuman and Maharaji and green Tara; ellie’s photo “a child of the tribe” in Laos; and still more — feathers, leaves, crystals, sage, magical stones, art, words, books, bells, marbles, and musical instruments. each chosen to remind you of your connection to earth and spirit, to laugh and play, to make music all your life. and to love.

terra read a poem that i know will take on more and more meaning as days and years pass. (below)

i imagine days throughout your life when we’ll pour through this treasure chest, spreading everything out on the floor. you’ll ask me over and over what each gift is, who it is from, and what they mean. and i’ll never tire of rediscovering it with you.

it was an amazing day. so many stories shared of birth and motherhood. advice to trust my instincts. so much love — it reminded me of patrick’s and my wedding day. we feel so much support in our community. you will know the importance of this, too, someday.

i know i am supported by so many sisters and mothers and grandmothers as i become a mother to you. i feel held and strengthened by these women (and all the women in my life who weren’t there, too). i feel especially ready now, for labor and for our new life with you.

blessings to you dear one for a smooth, safe journey into this world! we’ll be with you all the way and when you take your first breath and your whole life.

we love you,


when i bring to you colored toys, my child, i understand why there is such a play of colors on clouds, on water, and why flowers are painted in tints — when i give colored toys to you, my child.

when i sing to make you dance, i truly know why there is music in leaves, and why waves send their chorus of voices to the heart of the listening earth — when i sing to make you dance.

when i bring sweet things to your welcoming hands, i know why there is honey in the cup of the flower and why fruits are secretly filled with sweet juice — when i bring sweet things to your welcoming hands.

when i kiss your face to make you smile, my darling, i surely understand what pleasure streams from the sky in morning light, and what delight that is which the summer breeze brings to my body — when i kiss you to make you smile.

— Rabindranath Tagore