during our last birthing class, a woman was in labor at the center and one of my midwives invited us to sit in the back living room to “just take it all in”. the woman in labor was in a closed room 10 ft away and said it was fine with her for us to sit there. she was at 7 cm then. the baby (in my belly) started moving like crazy the second we walked back there. when the woman’s next contraction started, she was moaning-singing-om-ing, can’t really explain her sound. it sort of took my breath away and i felt like i was on some ocean waves with her. it was incredible, intense and emotional. soon, i’ll ‘know’ what it’s all about.

by the end of our class, the woman had her baby. the center is such a vortex for new life, and you could certainly feel the buzzin that night. our teacher marcy ended the class series by talking about parenting. we had zero time to talk, and she laughed for a moment as she paused to think of what she wanted to say about parenting with only one minute time. her single thought was really profound and has stuck with me every since:  one of the best things parents can do for their child(ren) is to STRIVE. strive to be better people, strive to learn more and grow. that when our children see us doing this, it will inspire them beyond anything else.

my good friend beth painted on my belly yesterday. (like my ‘smiling’ belly button?! hee) she henna-ed one big, blooming lotus for Baby and two small lotuses (for patrick and me). maybe it will be a sort of mandala to focus on during labor. plus, it seemed like a beautiful way to celebrate my full moon belly. hmmm, i wonder if this little one will hold out till the full moon…

i’ll be keepin’ ya posted…i also want to say thanks for all the sweet emails and comments. they have meant a lot to us! xo jenny