i want to let you know we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world!
Tulsi Lila (Leela) Grace Shaw was born on the full moon, thursday, april 9th, at 12:52 am at the midwifery center in taos. she weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces and is doing amazing. she had a rough first day and wiill be in the NICU in albuquerque until friday due to meconium aspiration pneumonia, BUT, know she is doing outstanding and will be just fine. she’s a tough little bird!!!  (and did i say ULTRA beautiful??) btw, we are doing well, too, (now). we have been in each present moment  (from the start of labor til now) and nowhere else. we are so so blessed and so happy. i’ll post a photo, update and more of the story in a week or so. much love and thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, jenny