On April 9th, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world!  She is happy, healthy and (of course) the sweetest, cutest little love-muffin soul from heaven.  Tulsi Lila Grace Shaw made her grand 5lb 13oz entrance at 12:52am on the full moon at the midwifery center in Taos.  Jenny was lovingly supported (being massaged, fanned and hand-fed fruit) through 6 hours of labor by 2 midwives, 2 assistants, our “jewish grandmother” and Patrick. (At some point, I’ll share ‘our’ birth story.)

It was a bit of a rough landing from heaven to earth for Tulsi and she was whisked off to the Taos hospital with severe meconium aspiration, then took her first airplane ride with her papa to the neonatal intensive care unit in Albuquerque.  There, she recovered while being served by a host of angels.  Now, baby, momma and papa are back home and nestled into their love nest.

Sorry for the late announcement, it’s been a busy week.  And endless thanks for the many prayers and sweet words! We are so blessed and completely IN LOVE!!!!!

Much Love,  Jenny and Patrick

Tulsi (tool-see), Sanskrit name of both a Goddess and a sacred, medicinal plant from India that is used as an offering in rituals.

Lila (lee-la), Sanskrit word meaning “Divine Play.”  All manifestations in the universe are God’s Lila.

Grace is what brought Tulsi to us and also her grandma Shaw’s middle name, Tulsi being her only grand daughter.